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Clients have looked to Susan Thorn not just as a legal technician but as a trusted advisor, reliably returning to her over time.  Read what they have to say about working with her.

I was introduced to Susan Thorn through several friends in New York. I required her services to help me submit an application for a B1/B2 visa to the USA as an Australian citizen. The reason I could not enter the USA with the normal ESTA visa waiver was that I had visited Iran on a number of occasions. Immigration now requires people who have visited Iran and a number of other Middle Eastern countries to apply for a visa. I previously held the same visa which had expired.


Susan helped me through phone conferences with the application process and advised on a number of ways to expedite the process and prepare me for the compulsory interview. Of course apart from the application, which was enormously valuable, no lawyer can influence in any way the approval process of the immigration office.


I was helped by Susan through the tortuous process of filling in the forms of the archaic immigration department website, providing many hurdles. Even to the extent that almost at the end of the application we had to start all over again because of a glitch in the software, at which time Susan immediately set to work and had the application completed again in the shortest time.


I was impressed by the personal way Susan worked and the professional knowledge she provided. Apart from all the legal and technical advice Susan gave me strong emotional support in obtaining this vital document for my travel. She not only worked as a skilled and knowledgeable professional but also as a friend.

I can recommend her highly to any person who would need legal services in this area. She is not only a great legal professional but a caring counsellor as well. - Arie V. ||  Country of Origin: Australia || Case Type: Expedited B1/B2 Tourist Visa

Professional, astute, conscientious, knowledgeable. [H]ow rare and extraordinary to find Susan combines these essential skills with a care for her profession and needs and often plight of her clients that gives dignity, and respect where the system, attitude of governments and prejudices can be so harmful. - E.K., New York City  ||  Country of Origin: U.S. || Case Type: Expedited B1/B2 Tourist Visa for relative

My husband and I sought out Susan's help for her immigration/marriage legal assistance. I am from the United States, my husband from Sweden, and we needed her help throughout the green card and interview process. Susan was extremely thorough. She outlined everything we needed to obtain very clearly and gave us set deadlines in which we should try to get each step done. We were able to file within my husband's visa status and he was able to obtain all the documentation needed for a successful transition. His green card came within a few months. Her professionalism and guidance were outstanding throughout our time working with her. We would highly recommend her if in need of legal assistance. - Jordan M., New York City  ||  Country of Origin: U.S. & Sweden || Case Type: Marriage based Adjustment of Status ('Green Card')

Susan Thorn is the attorney we would always be so grateful for. Her guidance in making our goal become reality was impeccable.  Susan’s attention to detail is beyond what we could have possibly expected.  Every document or referral we were asked for, Susan went over; for each specification that she thought was necessary or that could be questioned whether it was from our doctor, tax preparer, whoever -  she would not turn it in unless she knew there could be no questions asked about it.  At no time did Susan just accept anything and just go with it.  We appreciate all the hours she spent on paying attention to details.  Because of her attention to details our interview was a breeze -  he asked a few questions then looked at Rupert and said, “You are approved. You can come back in a few days to pick up your visa.”  As we walked out of there we could not wait to get in the car so we could call and let her know it’s DONE.  Thank You, Thank You, Thank You. Is all we wanted to say. - R.W. & Kathleen W., Bronx, NY  ||  Country of Origin: U.S. & Jamaica || Case Type: I-601A Provisional Waiver & Immigrant Visa ('Green Card') via U.S. Embassy, Kingston, Jamaica

I met Susan Thorn in late March, 2010, after the big earthquake that hit Haiti that January. My immigration papers had been denied for a couple of years and I did not know what to do. When I met Susan, she spoke very professionally about how she was going to help me, but at the same time she gave me a sense of hope. For two years, she worked diligently and passionately on my case, and as a result, she was able to reopen my case and reapplied for my employment and green card papers. She worked so hard for my case that in December 12, 2012, I was able to receive my green card and finally got a sense of belonging here in America. 

In addition to being so professional, Susan also connected with me on a personal level and made me feel that I was valuable to this country. She went above and beyond to make sure that all my paperwork was restored to its initial status. Furthermore, she explained step by step how the process would work and she was physically there with me when I went to the immigration officer.


I would definitely recommend Susan because she is reliable, hard working and passionate about her work. She would do anything in her power to help her client. Truly she is a miracle worker, and I believe we all need a "Susan" in our corner. - S.P., Mt. Vernon, NY  ||  Country of origin: Haiti || Case Type (pro bono): nunc pro tunc Asylum + Asylee Adjustment of Status ('Green Card')


Susan was very helpful, addressing our immigration issues quickly and explaining US law simply and clearly. Her advice was invaluable. - Greg S., Australia  ||  Country of Origin: Australia

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